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  1. Appointment, resignation and removal of the Chief Justice of India, Judges of the Supreme Court of India and High courts; their salaries, rights in respect of leave of absence (including leave allowances), pensions and travelling allowances.
  2. Constitution and organization (excluding jurisdiction and powers) of the Supreme Court (but including contempt of such Court) and the fees taken therein.
  3. Constitution and organization of the High courts and the courts of Judicial Commissioners except provisions as to officers and servants of these courts.
  4. Constitution and organization of courts in the Union Territories and fees taken in such courts.
  5. Administration of funds approved under Finance Commission awards.
  6. Collection of data on institution, disposal, pendency of cases in courts and monitoring the status of under trial prisoners.
  7. Initiate policy measures for judicial reforms.
  8. Setting up and operationalisation of National Mission for Justice delivery and Legal reforms.
  9. Creation of All India Judicial Service (AIJS).
  10. Implementation of various schemes to facilitate development and modernization of infrastructure for judiciary.
  11. Strengthening Department of Justice – e-office, statistical wing, revamp official website, training and augmentation of human resources